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Impeccable Chihuahuas

Scroll down this home page to read more about us and use the navigation buttons above to see available long coat puppies and learn more about the breed, us and questions you may have.  To see avail. puppies click the link "Puppies Avail." above.  For rescues, click "more" above and then rescue. 
***It is crucial that breeder and new puppy owner are aligned in ethics and philosophies, so we encourage you to read our site first before contacting us.  Prices for puppies are listed on the Puppies Avail link above.

AKC puppies available occasionally for exceptional pet homes only.

About us: Welcome

About Us and our Chihuahuas

We believe EVERYONE needs a Chihuahua! (well - responsible adults  anyway :))

At Impeccable Chihuahuas, we have been building our reputation as a trusted breeder since we bred our first litter of Chihuahuas in 2007. We take our responsibilities very seriously and strive to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all our dogs.  This is not our job, but a passion to produce better dogs, not just MORE dogs.  The world doesn't need MORE but it needs better meaning healthy and bred to the AKC breed standard. We are AKC bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeders, GoodDog Breeder, "Badass Breeder" & a member of the International Chihuahua Club. 

 We are both educators as our full time jobs.  Chihuahuas are our passion not our career.  They are our family members, show dogs, bed snugglers and constant companions in our home.  

As a responsible and trustworthy breeder, we screen potential owners carefully and do not sell to just anyone with money. To find out more or to reserve a particular animal, please get in touch to fill out our puppy questionnaire and discuss whether a Chihuahua is for you. All of our adults are registered with AKC. Our puppies come with- microchip, a FL Health Certificate, beginning house training, socialization, dewormed and vaccinated. AKC limited registration on puppies after proof of spay/neuter.  Our vet checks for issues such as luxating patellas (knees), heart etc.. issues. Parents of the puppies have their OFA certifications for eyes, hearts and patellas to ensure healthy puppies. We also have started DNA testing for genetic concerns on parents by using Wisdom Panel.  Our vet is on speed dial and have almost daily conversations with him. Our puppies are raised in the Puppy Culture way Puppy Culture – PUPPY CULTURE (  After raising them to be well adjusted puppies, we additionally temperament test our puppies using the Puppy Aptitude Test  Choosing Your Puppy ( before going to their new homes to be sure each home is matched with the perfect puppy.  We provide daily socialization with kids, other dogs and birds.  All puppies are raised in our home and loved on throughout the day! All puppies come with a contract and  health guarantee for two years. . We offer a two year guarantee against genetic issues. We offer 24/7 assistance to you for questions or concerns for the life of your puppy.  All puppies range in price between $1500-$6000 depending on several factors  including sex, color, conformation and estimated size at maturity ( Generally Males $1500-$3900  Females- $3500-$6000) Prices are beneath each puppy picture if we have any available puppies.  Please check that page (link above for available puppies)  We encourage you to find a quality and trustworthy breeder and WAIT for the right puppy ;)  even if it is not us.  See our page marked "what to ask a breeder".  We are more than happy to refer you to another quality breeder if we do not have what you are looking for. 

There is NO SUCH THING as "Teacup Chihuahuas".  That is a marketing ploy by non- ethical breeders. Chihuahuas by AKC standards should be 3-6 lbs and there is a clear description of conformation (structure) as well. There are occasionally puppies born that grow to under 3 lbs at adulthood but they are not considered standard size and are a huge health risk especially during their early months/years.  If someone is marketing a Teacup Chihuahua, ask to see the parents' photos and a current weight on a scale.  Genetics will determine size. In our opinion, 4-5lbs is a healthy Chihuahua size for longevity and safety.

We are often asked if we have "Apple heads" or "Deer Heads".  Although all dogs are special and beautiful in their own way, the Chihuahua standard clearly states that the head should be domed in appearance and muzzle moderately short (apple head).  Please read the AKC head standard below for our breed:

A well rounded “apple dome” skull, with or without molera. Expression – Saucy. Eyes – Full, round, but not protruding, balanced, set well apart-luminous dark or luminous ruby. Light eyes in blond or white-colored dogs permissible. Blue eyes or a difference in the color of the iris in the two eyes, or two different colors within one iris should be considered a serious fault. Ears – Large, erect type ears, held more upright when alert, but flaring to the sides at a 45 degree angle when in repose, giving breadth between the ears. Stop – Well defined. When viewed in profile, it forms a near 90 degree angle where muzzle joins skull. Muzzle – Moderately short, slightly pointed. Cheeks and jaws lean. Nose – Self-colored in blond types, or black. In moles, blues, and chocolates, they are self-colored. In blond types, pink noses permissible. Bite – Level or scissors. Overshot or undershot, or any distortion of the bite or jaw, should be penalized as a serious fault. A missing tooth or two is permissible. Disqualifications – Broken down or cropped ears.

Please see link to AKC to read the breed history and complete standard (how they should look and act). 

Please see the recommendation for Puppy Care from the Chihuahua Club of America 

About us: About Us

Available puppies please click the link at the top marked "Puppies Avail."

As a responsible Chihuahua breeder, we screen potential owners carefully. To find out more or to reserve a particular animal, please get in touch to fill out our puppy questionnaire and discuss whether a Chihuahua is for you. All of our adults are registered with AKC and health checked, dewormed and vaccinated per our veterinarian's protocol.  (AKC papers provided after proof of spay or neuter) We use the puppy culture method for raising puppies, temperament test our puppies before going to their new homes and provide daily socialization with kids, other dogs and birds.   All puppies come with a contract and health guarantee for two years.  Pet puppies sold on limited AKC registration and will be provided upon proof of spay or neuter.  All puppies range in price between $2500=$6000  (males range 2500-3500)  (females start at 3500 pets only) depending on many factors such as size, sex, color.  We are in line with or slightly below prices for quality puppies. There is NO SUCH THING as "teacup Chihuahuas". Chihuahuas by AKC description should be 3-6lbs.  Please see link to AKC standard.

About us: Available Pets

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See section/tab above marked "Available Puppies" for photos and information on which puppies are available.  Many are not listed as we also have waiting lists and will not post pics of puppies placed for people who have been waiting.  All puppies are registered with AKC, microchipped, health checked, wormed and vaccinated.  All puppies come with a contract and health guarantee for two years.  Parents of each puppy are CHIC (health(  certified. Please see link ----> CHIC Program | Orthopedic Foundation for Animals | Columbia, MO (

Puppies are raised in our home using the Puppy Culture technique to ensure well adjusted and happy puppies. Puppy Culture – PUPPY CULTURE ( ALL puppies sold on limited AKC registration and will provided upon proof of spay or neuter or papers will not be provided. 

As a responsible Chihuahua breeder, we carefully screen potential owners. To find out more or to reserve a particular animal, please get in touch to fill out our puppy questionnaire and discuss whether a Chihuahua is a match for your family.  We do NOT sell to just anyone with money. ***Our home is open to serious buyers who have filled out a puppy application first.  Please see our home and family and you will see a difference.  We are not full time breeders that make our living off of our dogs.  We work outside of the home as educators but take our hobby of producing superior AKC of OFA/CHIC certified puppies seriously.

About us: Adoption

 Our Adult Chihuahuas (OFA and/or CHIC health certified, AKC and within proper weight 3-6 lbs) 

All of our long coat Chihuahuas have excellent health and longevity.  They are all AKC registered and our pets first.

"Pickles" (Impeccable's Jameson N Pickle Juice)


"Moo" (Impeccable's Eat Mor Chikin)  Yes- it's a reference to the Chick-Fil-A marketing slogan!   He is my stud dog extrodinaire! 


"Alaska" (Wee Chis Impeccable's Baked Alaska) 


"Baby" (Impeccable's Ive Got You Babe)


"Charlie" (Impeccable's Kinda Wow Kinda Charlie)


"Bessie" Impeccable's The cow jumped over the Moon.


Impeccable's Chocolate "Putin"


Winston "Impeccable's Great Balls of Fire"


Tyra- fawn female


Capone- Chocolate Tri male


Rudolf- Imported white male


Tribble-  Impeccable's Trouble with Tribbles.  Red Female

About us: Available Pets

Our Qualifications

Dedicated to Maintaining and Improving the Breed

About us: Females
About us: Females

Our Retirees

Long Lived and Still Spunky!


Swan (Impeccable's Lyrical Swan)

Our "Grand Dam"


The Old Stud who still thinks he is a puppy!

"Jerry" (GCh Ch Wee Chi Impeccable's Whole Lotta Shakin')

The Star of the Show but retired!

Proud member of International Chihuahua Club and an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T., "Badass Breeder" and Good Dog breeder.

About us: Females
About us: About

Recommendations from our Impeccable Puppy Buyers

We were lucky enough to get a pup from Kim a year ago and he’s amazing. He’s a healthy head-turner with a sweet and friendly temperament. Kim is fully dedicated to the breed and is thorough and thoughtful from the breeding to the home placement and beyond. She’s a wealth of knowledge and has been so helpful and available any time we have a question.  -Myndi 

In 2011 my life changed completely when my husband and I decided to adopt a dog together. We found Kim the "old school" way via Craigslist and drove from Orlando to see her puppies. We adopted the tiny male fawn runt of the litter and never looked back. Diego has been the absolute BEST dog child one could ever imagine. His personalty is truly spectacular, he has been nicknamed the "Dali Lama" by our entire family. Now at the ripe old age of 11, going on 12 years he is still healthy, sound and spunky as ever. A true testiment to the quality of Kim's breeding.

Over the years everyone fell so in love with the OG Diego that I have referred several people to Kim for dogs. All of them with happy healthy lives and owners. Since Diego we have adopted 2 more Chihuahas into our family, now affectionately called "The Three Chimigos." Our second dog Nola is now 6 years old, and she is also healthy and happy - and goodness does she have quite the personality. She is the spitting image of her mother Alaska.

And finally, the Pandemic puppy and possibly the most special of all - Rocko who is turning three this year. He spent a huge chunk of his life with Kim and her family because we were unable to pick him up because the world shut down. He is THE MOST friendly, affectionate, silly puppy anyone has ever met. And he LOVES children - something that is NOT common!! If this isnt even more of a testiment that Kim not only breeds perfect dogs, but she also raises them with the absolute BEST care.

To recap: everyone including myself, my mother and my best friend adore our dogs. They are all so unique and different but healthy and sane. It has been such a good experience I don't know if I could ever consider switching breeds or even talk to another breeder. And I honestly could keep collecting them!! IMPECCABLE is the absolute perfect way to describe our experience with Kim over the years.

Kim was great. Her puppies are gorgeous and sweet and healthy and smart. What more could anyone ask for? -James

Honest owners who truly care about the breed rather than the $$. Kim’s love of animals is impressive and the quality of dogs she breeds and sells are simply the best. Highly recommended.  -David

More reviews and recommendations upon request.  We also ask that you call our references if you wish. 

Contact Us

Summerfield FL 34491

Impeccable Chihuahuas 352-299-0631 please text or email for a time to speak. Facetime Avail. to see puppies

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