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Helpful Chihuahua Links

Please research the breed completely.  Chihuahuas are not for everyone! 

1. Pupvine breeders in FL  **before contacting breeders read our link above-  "Q's to ask breeders" (not all are ethical)

2. Pupvine Chihuahua articles

3. AKC Chihuahua Breed Standard

4.  Chihuahua Club of America 

 5. Tampa Bay Chihuahua Club

6. Good Dog Breeders and General Info.

Helpful links and Info. : About

Girl or Boy Puppy?  Which is better?

Many people believe they want a girl Chihuahua under pre-conceived notions or lack of experience.  We have over 30 years of dog experience with several breeds and I can explain to you some of my observations particularly about Chihuahuas. 

  • If neutered (fixed) by 6mo old, they will not learn to lift their leg & mark.  Not all males (fixed or intact) mark or lift their leg).  It's all in the early training! 

  • When you ask a male puppy to do something, they do it, because they want to please you.  Girls tend to have a mind of their own.  They are called bitches for a reason. 

  • I find males are easier to train in basic obedience and socialization.

  • Girls tend to be bitchier and more controlling with other dogs. 

  • Girls commonly lift their leg to mark like a male. My old girl Swan lifts her leg EVERY time she tinkles. 

  • Boys spread their love among the family.  Girls seem to bond to one person.  

  • Weights are the same between the sexes (3-6lbs) and girls are not usually lighter than the boys unlike other breeds.  

If I were only to have pet Chihuahuas, they would all be male!

Helpful links and Info. : About
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