Many people believe they want a girl Chihuahua under pre-conceived notions or lack of experience.  We have over 30 years of dog experience with several breeds and I can explain to you some of my observations particularly about Chihuahuas. 

  • If neutered (fixed) by 6mo old, they will not learn to lift their leg & mark.  Not all males (fixed or intact who never lift their leg).  It's all in the early training! 

  • When you ask a male puppy to do something, they do it, because they want to please you.  Girls tend to have a mind of their own.  They are called bitches for a reason. 

  • I find males are easier to train in basic obedience and socialization.

  • Girls tend to be bitchier and more controlling with other dogs. 

  • Girls commonly lift their leg to mark. My old girl Swan lifts her leg EVERY time she tinkles. 

  • Boys spread their love among the family.  Girls seem to bond to one person.  

  • Weights are the same between the sexes (3-6lbs) and girls are not usually lighter than the boys unlike other breeds.  

If I were only to have pet Chihuahuas, they would all be male!