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Reasons Why NOT to get a Chihuahua! Stop! Read this and be honest with your own household situation.


We think Chihuahuas are the BEST but they are NOT for every household.  Please read up on other reputable sites such as AKC, Chihuahua Club of America and more.  Here are OUR reasons to purchase another breed:

1.  If you have small children under the age of 10 at home or visiting, reconsider the breed since many children are too rough with a toy breed.  Even if the child is responsible, accidents happen. 

2.  Chihuahuas are VERY difficult to housetrain.  There are many great resources to help with this, but plan on at least a year of consistent training and rewarding. Many end up in rescue or rehomed due to this problem. 

3.  They bark....A LOT.  Some more than others.  Again, to curb this takes training and patience.  Dogs bark....that is their job to alert you, but Chihuahuas take their job TOO seriously.  

4.  They can be injured or killed very easily by cars, other animals, household dangers such as electrical wires, poisonous plants or cleaning supplies. If you cannot be with them 24/7 they MUST be put in a pen or crate for their own safety.  It's not cruel to crate a dog for a few hours.  It's more cruel to let them die or get injured from your negligence. 

5.  Like ALL breeds, they have their health concerns.  Please minimize your risk of congenital or genetic issues by asking for the health certifications from your puppy's parents. 

6.  People will judge you.  Chihuahuas have a negative reputation to overcome in some people's minds.  They are tough little cookies (in their mind) and act that way sometimes without socialization.  

7.  Chihuahuas need socialization to prevent behavior issues like fear barking, biting, or anxiety.  Get your puppy out and about with you as soon as your vet allows you to (vaccinations, deworming, flea/tick meds etc.) We are Puppy Culture breeders and follow their vast knowledge on socializing and training. Puppy Culture is an excellent source for raising a happy, well-adjusted puppy. 

8.  Formal training may be needed such as obedience training, personal trainers and more. 

9.  They can be addicting :)  You cannot stop at just one!  For us, there are many more positives than negatives to owning a Chihuahua. 

10.  They must be indoors most of their lives to keep them safe.  Weather, predators and more are detrimental to these dogs. 

11.  Don't plan on hiking outdoors or going for long walks with your Chihuahua.  Their little legs and heart just can only take so much.  

12.  They are sensitive to temperatures, humidity (or lack thereof), precipitation and wind.    

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