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Preparing to bring your puppy or new dog home

Lists and Links & Our Suggestions.

Your new puppy will be very nervous in a new scenario so it's important to be prepared ahead of time.  To make your puppy's transition easier, here are our suggestions and what we do and have done for your puppy:

1.  When we are not monitoring our puppies, they are placed in a pen.  On one 1/2 of the side is a sleeping, water and feeding area and the other half is just butcher paper and/ or puppy pads.  We do this for early potty training and they are used to it. Click on this word--> Pen

We recommend ALWAYS using a pen no matter how trustworthy a dog becomes.  Keeping your dog safe and secure is priority. Many people love having their dogs sleep with them as we do, but we don't recommend it for at least 6-9 months of age for safety reasons.  See photo below for our set up. 

2.  Our puppies are used to having littermates or their dog mommas sleeping with them.  This little puppy helps ease the transition) ----> Snuggle Puppy

3.  We are HUGE Chewy fans! Free shipping to your door with $50 order.  This is what we feed our puppies----> Royal Canin Puppy

**** We do feed Royal Canin canned puppy food mixed in with the dry food. We strongly believe a "Raw Diet" is best for dogs though.  It's just not realistic for us to do this with multiple dogs.  There are many great resources to feed raw.  Ask us for suggestions.

Based on our veterinarian's suggestion, we will be switching to ProPlan by Nov. 2023.  Here is the link to ProPlan puppy food from Chewy----> PURINA PRO PLAN Puppy Toy Breed Chicken & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food, 5-lb bag -

4.  Appropriate Chew items and toys we recommend----> Dream Bones (never give your puppy rawhide)

Greenies for their teeth----> Greenies

We also approve of giving your dog elk antlers.  These can be found at Chewy (above link) also.

5.  Never give your puppy or dog rope toys!  Pieces can bind up and cause blockages or twist around intestines. -----> Toys

6.  Water and food should always be available to young puppies in their pen. ----> Metal Dishes

7.  Keep your dog safe in the car or traveling---> airline approved carrier

8.  Find a reputable veterinarian before bringing your dog home.  We highly recommend finding a Holistic Vet.  Click here to find a listing and suggestions----> Holistic Vets

9. Begin with a good hygeine routine for teeth, nails and coats.  These are the items we use:  

PetLab Co. (

VETERINARY FORMULA CLINICAL CARE Antiseptic & Antifungal Shampoo, 1-gal bottle -

ANGELS' EYES Gentle Tear Stain Wipes for Dogs, 100 count - Dremel 7350-PET 4V Pet & Dog Nail Grinder, Professional Pet Grooming Kit - Works on Large, Medium, Small Dogs & Cats & 408 1/2-Inch Sander Bands, Coarse, 6 Pack , Purple : Pet Supplies

10.  Our suggestion for flea and tick prevention and heartworm in one- 

SENTINEL Tablet for Dogs, 2-10 lbs, (Brown Box), 6 Tablets (6-mos. supply) -

11. ----->Read THIS article COMPLETELY

12. Sign up and order Puppy Culture materials/videos or books.  ---->The BEST source for raising your puppy to adulthood.

11.  Read up-----> on Titer Testing vs. vaccinations! 

12.  Consider Pet Insurance -----AKC or Trupanion

Bringing Your Puppy Home: Welcome
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